Our Founder

"Our founder, SANKARIAH SEELAM, is a visionary leader driven by a passion for education and innovation. With a profound understanding of the evolving landscape of industry and academia, SANKAR SEELAM embarked on a mission to revolutionize education by founding NewZeninfotech. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and dedication to empowering students have been the guiding forces behind our institution's growth and success. SANKAR SEELAM's vision continues to inspire our community, shaping our curriculum, values, and approach to education. Through SANKAR SEELAM's visionary leadership, NewZeninfotech remains at the forefront of providing students with transformative learning experiences that prepare them for success in the ever-changing world."

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our mission

“At NewZeninfotech, our founding mission is to equip students with comprehensive training in the world’s most dynamic sectors. Our aim is to prepare them not just for jobs, but for thriving careers in industries brimming with innovation and opportunity. We’re dedicated to empowering our students to navigate competitive landscapes with confidence, ensuring they emerge as skilled professionals ready to make impactful contributions to their chosen fields.”

our vision

“We are committed to cultivating an unmistakable aura of expertise and education that resonates with every graduate. This aura emanates directly from the profound influence and personal guidance provided by our esteemed instructors. We believe in the transformative power of mentorship and the profound impact it has on each student’s educational journey. Through meaningful interactions and personalized attention, our instructors instill a deep sense of knowledge, skill, and confidence in our graduates, preparing them to excel in their chosen fields and leave a lasting mark on the world.”

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stive morgan

Hip Hop Expert

stive morgan

Hip Hop Expert